Sign Language Interpretation and Conversion to Text (September 2019)

  • Pallavi V Ghaste
  • Mrs. Soniya Bastwade
  • Rajvi Khandelwal
  • Shubhangi Ambapkar
  • Ziaurrehman Ansari
  • Chirag Singh Salaria
Keywords: Pattern Recognition, MediapipeFramework, Image Pre-Processing, Feature Extraction


Inour day to day life, communication plays important role for conveying information from one person to another person. But it becomes very difficult for the people who are deaf and dumb to communicate with normal people. Sign language is the only one way to communicate with them. But normal people are unaware of sign language. So there is only one way and that is to covert sign language into text & speech & vice versa. That is known as sign recognition. Sign language is a combination of body languages, hand gestures and facial expressions. Among those hand gestures are provides majority of the information

In this paper we will discuss the method proposed by author for Sign Language Interpretation and its conversion to text.

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Ghaste, P., Bastwade, M. S., Khandelwal, R., Ambapkar, S., Ansari, Z., & Salaria, C. (2019). Sign Language Interpretation and Conversion to Text (September 2019). National Journal of Computer and Applied Science, 2(3), 10-13. Retrieved from