Survey on Chatbot and discussion about AIML

  • Mr. Vivek T. Patil
  • Mrs. Shanthi K. Guru
  • Salgude Yogesh
Keywords: chatbot, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence


Today is the era of artificial intelligence. Machines have started to impersonate completely distinct human characteristics these days with the developments in computing. Colloquial computing entities, recognized jointly as chatbot, are a fantastic example of such devices. Chabot are computer programs capable of speaking with individuals in near proximity-natural speech. We portray the evolution of chatbot from a basic model to a complex smart system during this job. Particularly in the industry, Chabot is presently getting a lot of acceptance as they need the ability to automate customer service and support human attempts. In order to fully emulate a human dialog, the chatbot must properly evaluate the information provided by the customer and formulate a relevant and suitable reaction.

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